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America You Took A Wrong Road

America You Took A Wrong Road

Sign said, "Turn Right" and you turned Left
You went on a drunk, like a man bereft.

Yeah, you got money, but the money got you instead,
You so loved it, you even took it to bed,

Instead of making children you made money.
No children now in the land of milk and honey. 

Took the devil's money, paid his price,
His price was your children's precious life. 

Was it worth it, for trinkets, scam and sham? 
Do you regret not being a real man? 

Real man has many children born;
Fake man has money with which to adorn

His fake wife, and his fake life, shorn
Of any vestige of a Godly norm. 

Don't blame the woman you sniveling cur,
Don't cast the stone and slur at her,

For you are the burr under her saddle
That changed God's Word for demonic prattle,

That dragged your noble family in the gutter,
That seduced your own heart into mindless stutter.

Spectator Sports took your body and soul 
Where strutting around, playing a popular role. 

Your children's lives you took like a crook
With Birth Control as your holy book. 

You got fried, Pie Eyed, and your children died. 
And to yourself, your wife, and God you lied. 

Your life is a worthless shell, as you played the shill,
And sold both God and Country to serve the pill. 

You now are old and others own your Country. 


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