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Vote For Life

Vote For Life

Every time a child dies, God cries. 
Angel’s tears stream from their eyes. 
Every time a child is turned away, 
Heaven prays that it can stay. 

Every time a child is born 
A miracle occurs, 
And every time a child is lost 
The devil hisses curses. 

Every time a child is born 
Choirs of angels sing, 
Smiling up into the face of God, 
We hear church bells ringing. 

For children are God’s reward, 
The economy is helped, 
Jobs are kept, goals are met, 
And Immigration’s put on hold. 

The pattering of little feet we need. 
Are we to be selfish greed? 
Defend our land, and way of life, 
And not cast away our precious seed. 

For Onan’s sin today, we pay, 
The Inns are full, no place to stay, 
The child’s no place to lay his head, 
The mom's no place to put her bed. 

War we wage on the little child, 
With words all polished, pious and mild; 
Like we care? Like we share? 
Like why not open our homes and be fair! 

We’ve made a child unfriendly place, 
Without regard of religion, or race. 
We’ll disappear without a trace. 
America’s gone, close up the case. 

We have no children! Face it! 
We’re taught, kill it, or space it, 
We're leaving for heaven in a space suit, 
For the culture of death demands it. 

We’re grinding our best kids into the dust, 
Our factories are turning out pink slips & rust. 
When the immigrants come, our jobs they go, 
And Jose and Ko replaces Joe. 

We need the patter of little feet 
Instead of, this "cool,” and that “neat,” 
Defend the heart of our great land, 
Remember the Alamo, take a stand. 

We’re way too hard on the family tie, 
Our lust for money has sucked us dry. 
We junk the kids un-mourned, to die, 
With out a sigh, or fond goodbye. 

Our old are eating our young today. 
It’s Social Security, we want it all our way. 
The young be damned, they have no say. 
We’ve stripped ‘em bare, we’ve cut their pay. 

Taxes are rising on our young families, 
Without children they can live in the trees, 
And all turn Gay, for all we care, 
Let 'em make it the hard way, it’s only fair. 

Raise their tuition, give them a loan, 
Tired and depressed? Let ‘em watch porn. 
Tell someone else about wasted seed corn. 
If we rot in hell, we’ll never atone. 

We’ve got it made till we’re in the grave, 
And even from there we’ll rant and rave, 
And curse damn kids, and all their needs. 
We’re taking it with us, the bangles and beads. 

We’re spending it all, don’t give us a call, 
Everything’s hocked to the gills. 
As our number is up, we’ll drain the cup 
At our second home high in the hills. 

For God we care naught, we're on the skids, 
We don’t want a cold, you know we’re old. 
So what if some are the good kids, 
That played by the rules, as they were told? 

We won’t let ‘em marry, have babies, or tarry. 
So what if the birth-dearth is scary? 
Pro-life somewhere else, we're all about, 
But life here and now, just has no clout. 

The wastrel, the slag, the ugly the bad,
We’ll be glad to pay that mom and dad. 
But not a nickel to spare, for the lad in our care, 
Who is all that we have to depend on. 

It’s born of self-loathing, and spending on clothing, 
With never a thought to essentials. 
It’s been quite a ride, on the incoming tide, 
As for paddling out, we are tired. 

Why care for tomorrow, we’ll not be here, 
So why should we do for them? 
Let ‘em have no kids, put themselves out to bids. 
Why bother us now about kids. 

We’ll buy our way to heaven. 
The preacher we pay, is paid well to say, 
That we are the salt and the leaven. 
Like Vegas says, “Seven, come Eleven.” 

Our kids have seen what we have done, 
And they can go and do likewise. 
We had no kids, and they can to, 
Then the death of us all will be no surprise. 

Over and over the story goes, 
The children we have, are two, one, or none. 
How long before both heaven and earth 
Strike us from our place in the sun? 

The Republic has ended, aloof, and unbended 
Before it has really begun. 
Franklin was 18 of 20, and Mason had 12, 
Jefferson one, and Washington none. 

Before too long we were on the run. 
As births fell from 1850 on-ward. 
The dumbing down of the set green fuse, 
Opened the door to a vast misuse. 

It’s funny how God would allow, 
His people to fail in this way. 
Don't we say it in how we pray, 
For money, not children, today? 

Our cupboards are filled, our fields tilled, 
somehow something's, amiss. 
We pray not aright, due to poor sight, 
We can’t see the hand on our right. 

Our sons and daughters we give no quarter, 
While our enemies laugh with glee. 
Our treasures we offer, to fill others coffers, 
While we practice religion with scoffers. 

Every time a child is born 
On any kind of morn, 
A grandparent is pleased, a sister is teased, 
And a brother is born to be squeezed. 

Every time a child’s not born 
A sale’s not made, a job is lost, 
A new mouth’s not fed, and put to bed, 
We are poorer in that child’s stead. 

If we lose every crusade we’re on 
Yet win on children, we’ve won. 
If we win on every Conservative token,
We lose, if our promise to children is broken 

There's no goal higher, no cause righter 
Than to reproduce ourselves. 
Every child lost, is a missed chance 
To see it someday, sing and dance. 

If harm comes to a child, it's simply sad, 
But to have it to come from us, 
Is a curse that is always bad, 
And offensive to God that we cuss. 

Repent it says, in every way, 
And hope the Redeemer forgives. 
You control the birth, you gave us this dearth, 
Striking your child, from a place on this earth. 

You, lady, if your husband demurs, 
Take from his side your allures. 
You, husband, if she oppose, 
Take your seed and with another repose. 

If both of ye agree to depose 
The child from its rightful throne, 
May God have mercy on your black souls, 
And spare you from the glowing coals. 

It’s true our vines have tender grapes, 
And who would act to squash them? 
Your walk must match your talk, 
Did you, or didn’t you, walk, or balk? 

If the child’s not here, where did it go? 
Who is the guilty culprit below? 
Who made it to disappear, 
We’ll see who in heaven accusingly clear. 

The child you contracepted so gaily, 
Will see your face the day you die. 
The child you tossed into the sink, 
Will haunt you with its muffled cry. 

We are not here to play with life, 
This is not a game of please. 
We are here to do what’s right, 
We are here to God appease. 

It’s not right for you to live, 
Denying life to others. 
Blood of your blood, bone of your bone, 
You owe it to God to give it a home. 

Don’t start with, please, we don’t have food, 
God and everyone knows that’s a lie. 
Don’t start either, 'bout too many children, 
We’re not replacing even those who die. 

If you really believe that pack of lies, 
You’re a better liar, than your tearless cries. 
Vote life; Affirm life, with each word you say, 
Good practice in place, regardless of race. 

As Mother Teresa, when asked to say, 
“What do we do, about abortion?” 
“Why, have children today,” she’d say 
In her simple Saint’s way. “Just have children.” 

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