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Geese fly, it’s what they do
They fly in a perfect V too.
They conservative more energy that way
It’s all about updraft, not about play.

The lead Goose works hard, hard as he can.
So they all honk, "Thank You" for taking that stand
Thus the honking you hear has a powerful reason
To convey to lead Goose, a sound that is pleasin’.

Some Geese die that others may live
When one falls, two others will give
Their place in the line, to follow him down.
He may die, but they’ll wear the crown.

They risk their lives to stay by his side
Until he recovers, or has finally died.
Then they climb again to fly in the sky
By starting a group, or another group spy.

They share their burdens as it says in Galatians,
When the leader tires, he hands off to relations
And takes a place far back in the pack
Nobody has to break his back.

Equality is the name of the game
Other than duties, they are all the same
The Gander, the Goslings, and Mother Goose
All share the work, no one’s obtuse.

What’s sauce for Goose is sauce for the Gander.
No one’s allowed to just meander
There’s a lesson here for the Christian family
From God the Father, who’s not a namby pamby.

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